Dr. Johnston and Team

River Pines Dental is a hometown dental practice located in Hastings, MN, specializing in comprehensive dentistry for the entire family. The history of River Pines Dental started in the 1950's when Dr. Dorothy Muirhead DDS began practicing dentisty in downtown Hastings next to the the Post Office after having attneded the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and was one of the first female graduates of that school. Dr. Robert Gahnz joined Dr. Muirhead's practice in the mid 1960's. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Larry Schmid, graduate of Marquette Dental became and associate in 1978, In 1980, Dr. Muirhead retired to spend time with her horses, quilting and downhill skiing. Dr. Muirhead recently passed in 2015 at the age of 92.
Dr. Schmid began River Pines Dental in 2003 and moved to the Central Commons building in Hastings. Dr. Gahnz retired in 2005.